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Front Doors

Classic front entrance doors made out of timber. They are traditional in their appearance and very solid in their design. Similarly to our other products they can be customized, allowing you to create the perfect fitting front door for your home. The styles and finishes range with different glazing and panel options as well as high security locking systems. On the other hand, they can also be used effectively as an entrance to your garden.

Bifold Doors

Our timber bifold doors are a mix of top shelf materials with high quality craftsmanship giving off a versatile, durable result and a remarkable appearance.  Subsequently, the bifold panels closed together, the glass panel size is maximised and allows maximum light entry into your home. Meanwhile they offer maximum protection against bad weather and also offer excellent storm proofing. They are suitable for traditional country cottages or newly built homes. Above all, Timber bifold doors make an amusing and versatile addition to any living space. Their timber framespromote a natural feel, with double glazed glass window panels that let in plenty of natural warmth and light.

French Doors

French doors offer a timeless appeal and are a beautiful enhancement to traditional and modern homes. Further, they can are known for linking the home with the garden and while giving charm and simple elegance. Our customisation options range from a choice of paint, but also locking system and other detailed options we discuss with you once your order is placed. Moreover to achieve highest security we use security laminated glass. They can open inwards or outward, constructed to the same standards as our windows, and similar set of options for you to customise them to match your style. They are factory glazed and have paint finish with a colour of your choice, promoting longevity and low maintenance.


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