Will Timber Windows and Doors Add Value to My Home?

Timber Windows & Doors

Will Timber Windows and Doors Add Value to My Home?

We’re all looking for ways to increase the value of our home should the day come when we put it to market. Many homeowners will replace their windows and doors, looking to freshen up those property focal points.

The general consensus is that adding genuine timber windows and doors will increase the value of your home. But is there any truth in that notion?

What Should I Consider Between Real Timber Windows and Doors and Plastic Ones?

Quite a few arguments show that incorporating timber windows and doors to your home will add value instead of plastic ones. In some cases, depending on your property style, the material may be essential. These include:

  • Timber works much better with period properties than plastic ones

  • It’s unlawful to have plastic windows in listed and English heritage properties

  • Timber windows come double-glazed

  • Timber tends to add more value to period properties

Plastic, or uPVC windows, are sometimes a more cost-effective solution in a home. However, if you want to add significant value to your home, timber windows and doors would be preferred. We elaborate on those reasons below.

4 Reasons Real Timber Windows and Doors Add Value to Your Home

Outside of the mandatory property reasons, find below the arguments where timber windows and doors add value to your home.

  1. Timber has a superior look and feel.

It may be a bold statement that timber is superior in both visual and material properties. However, the number of high-value homes that incorporate real timber doors and windows speaks for itself. They bring a classic, luxurious look and feel that emanates a sophisticated perspective on a home.

  1. The high aesthetic quality of timber windows and doors increases value.

Timber is undoubtedly a quality material. That’s why it was used on the windows and doors of period properties. They speak of tradition, heritage and deliver a classic aesthetic. Not to mention, they are also durable, adding a robust sense of security to the property, ultimately increasing its value.

  1. There’s less maintenance required.

Prospective homeowners tend to veer towards properties that have less to maintain. Timber windows and doors are assets of a home that are part of that category. Their durability ensures a life cycle of at least 60-years, where they are easily repaired when damaged and quick to paint should they need a bit of freshening up.

  1. They increase your home’s efficiency.

Timber is a natural insulator, defining it as one of the most sustainable materials for windows and doors. Sustainability is fast becoming one of the key selling points for homes, so adding genuine timber windows and doors will unquestionably increase the value of your home.

Do Plastic Windows and Doors Detract from the Value of a Home?<

Plastic windows, especially in period properties, do find arguments that they detract from a home’s value. Generally, that breaks down to their aesthetical and practical functions, including appearance, thermal insulation, and maintenance of the pieces.

As aforementioned, there could be legal issues if your home is in a protected or conserved neighborhood. These points make timber windows and doors much more preferred.

Are You Looking for Real Timber Window and Door Installation?

If you’re looking to tack on an extra 10% of value into your home, adding timber windows and doors would be just the ticket. Windows of Timber are an efficient and effective resource in installation, specializing in timber and other services like aluminum and glass window and door incorporation. Trust our expertise to bring a higher perspective to your home!


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